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2 min readApr 1, 2024

In one of my Notion notebooks, I am maintaining a link of free training resources, for those rainy Sunday afternoons. Why not open it up here and ask the Medium follower audience to add links to the list ? Since I am mainly focussing on Snowflake, this will be the first in the list.


The quickstarts are the best place to start. Snowflake Quickstarts. Also available on the Snowflake Github

The LLM section on the Snowflake website. Since there will be a zillion resources available and everyone is an GenAI specialist nowadays, no more links about this subject here. Please use the Ecosia search engine to find them: free gen ai llm training resources — Ecosia — Web

API related training

Copied this list from a LinkedIn post by Brij Kishore Pandey, very useful. Make sure you follow him on LinkedIn as well

  1. API Fundamentals,
  2. API Simplified,
  3. API Methods,
  4. API Terminologies,
  5. API Authentication,
  6. API Status Codes,
  7. REST API vs GraphQL,
  8. API Integration,
  9. API Integration in Detail,
  10. API Testing,
  11. API with Python,
  12. API Scaling,
  13. Developing Robust APIs,
  14. APIs with Postman,
  15. Testing APIs with Postman,
  16. API Security,
  17. APIs for Everyone,


This GIT cheatsheet is all you will ever need for Git Bash. From LinkedIn


A great list from LinkedIn, by Saikumar Reddy — Medium

1. Getting Started with Power BI Desktop

2. Build Dashboards in Power BI




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